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A Tool Built For the Real World

Sire is an Automated Layout Assembly System for Adobe InDesign and macOS. Sire reformats marketing creative into virtually any type of display advertising format, right before your eyes, in a fraction of the time. Sire harnesses the automation power of the two most ubiquitous products in the Creative Services industry – Adobe Creative Cloud and macOS – allowing designers and organizations alike to reinvest valuable resources into areas of greater strategic importance.

No scripting or coding experience required

Imagine a process that can generate your campaign’s print ads, social media graphics, web banners, digital displays, etc. all at once, at the correct specifications, and in a fraction of the time. Sire’s user friendly interface allows you to control settings such as width, height, color mode, units, bleed, margins, etc. for each item individually. Custom export options allow you to export deliverables to specific formats. It’s as easy as preparing your assets, loading them into the assigned regions, entering your specs, and generating.

Fine tune and customize individual deliverables

Sire’s proprietary, marketing-focused frameworks negotiate layout elements the same way an experienced marketing designer would. Sire gives you the ability to specify overrides for individual layouts – this means smaller layouts won’t import the same amount of elements as larger layouts, and the framework will adjust itself to better suit the specific application. These framework’s aren’t just driven blindly by algorithms, they’ve been specifically developed and curated by professionals with years of high level industry experience.

Applescript –
With Teeth.

Sire consists of two main components – a powerful automation script developed by designers with over 15 years of marketing experience, and an intuitive user interface that allows end-users to customize the variables in the script. In a traditional automation scheme, interaction is limited to processes within individual applications. Communication across separate applications and the operating system is exceedingly difficult. Sire harnesses the power of macOS’s Open Scripting Architecture to create a dynamic and intuitive automation engine that unifies interaction across Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Store and Recall Your Campaigns

Sire allows users to save and manage every job that it processes. This translates into less work over time as jobs can be duplicated and used as templates and starting points for new jobs. This means not having to constantly re-enter parameters and specifications for each individual deliverable in a job. Job files and folders can easily be accessed directly through Sire’s user interface. Sire also allows jobs to be organized by category – this means jobs can be segmented according to campaign/client/venue/ etc.

Now Accepting Curated Deployments

If your organization is ready to explore the possibilities of creative liberation that Sire can bring, feel free to reach out with questions or comments. Due to the nascent nature of Sire and it’s capabilities, deployments will only be offered on a curated and managed basis for qualified stakeholders.

Automated Layout Assembly System for Adobe InDesign and macOS. Reformat marketing creative into virtually any type of display advertising format right before your eyes in a fraction of the time.
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